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With an effective frequency range of 160Hz to 10kHz, this speaker is well suited for IP telephony and multimedia applications. In addition to its excellent acoustic performance, this speaker design has a low profile at only 20.5mm. This helps achieve the designer's goal of reduced footprint and smaller enclosures without sacrificing performance.  Distortion is also low, below 3% over a wide frequency range.

Other features include 2W rms power handling capability, flat frequency response, and nominal SPL of 79dB @1W/1m in a relatively small 40mm diameter frame.

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Diameter: 40 mm
Nominal Power input: 2 W
Depth: 20 mm
Impedance:  4 Ohms
Resonance Frequency: 160 Hz
Frequency Range:  Fo - 10kHz
SPL: 79 dB
Max Power Handling Capacity: 4 W

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