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Stetron International, Inc.
is pleased to announce the introduction of the latest product in our speaker offering. This low profile, high performance 28mm speaker is only 5mm high but delivers all the benefits of a much larger speaker. It's high sensitivity makes this speaker the perfect solution for portable telecom devices, GPS, and other related applications that require a high performance speaker in a compact packaging.

Additionally it's maximally flat frequency response enables the design engineer to employ less cumbersome equalization circuitry, therefore, reducing design cycle time and the overall cost of the final product. For applications where space is a concern without sacrificing performance, this speaker is the ideal solution.



Diameter: 28 mm
Nominal Power input: 0.5 W
Depth: 5.7 mm
Impedance:  4 ohms
Resonance Frequency: 750 Hz
Frequency Range:  Fo - 8kHz
SPL: 92 db
Max Power Handling Capacity: 1.0 W

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