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This rectangular frame speaker overcomes the characteristic frequency response ‘dips’ and ‘peaks’ of speakers with a similar form-factor.  The speaker has an ABS frame which helps to reduce mechanical noise and dimensions of 40 x 28 x 13.5mm.  Despite its low profile, this speaker is capable of handling 2 W of input power continuously. 

High SPL and smooth frequency response in the critical range of 400Hz to 5kHz makes this speaker suitable for touch screen, hands free Bluetooth, GPS navigational devices, and other applications where voice intelligibility is paramount.


Diameter: 40 x 28mm
Nominal Power input: 2 W
Depth: 13.5 mm
Impedance:  4 ohms
Resonance Frequency: 400 Hz
Frequency Range:  Fo - 20kHz
SPL: 88 db
Max Power Handling Capacity: 3 W

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