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With a frequency response of 160Hz to 12kHz, this speaker exceeds the requirements for wide band telephony. The speaker boasts a THD of less than 2% from the mid-band frequency (500 Hz) and upwards when measured at
constant power of 2W.

Other features include 2W rms power handling capability, smooth and flat frequency response (+/-3dB) from Fo to 12kHz, and SPL of 87dB @1W/0.5m, 52mm diameter and less than 24mm total height.

The speaker is ideal for telephony and other voice applications.

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Diameter: 52 mm
Nominal Power input: 2 W
Depth: 23.7 mm
Impedance:  4 Ohms
Resonance Frequency: 160 Hz
Frequency Range:  160 Hz - 12kHz
SPL: 87 dB
Max Power Handling Capacity: 4 W

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