Audio Engineering Services

Whether your application calls for the right Loudspeaker, Microphone, Dynamic Receiver or a Full Box Solution, we have the experience and knowledge to support you from concept through to production.

Lab Facilities

  • Anechoic Chamber
  • Standard IEC268-5 Baffle
  • B&K Artificial Ears and HATS
  • Klippel, Clio and SoundCheck Audio Measurement System

Stetron’s North American lab is equipped with an anechoic chamber to accurately measure and test your product before deployment. We use a combination of software and hardware tools such as Clio, SoundCheck and Klippel to test your product and deliver the best solutions for every design. We are always testing and validating our data to ensure complete confidence in our results.

Standard Services

  • Acoustic component recommendation
  • Component performance verification
  • Component prototyping support

Stetron provides comprehensive audio component evaluation and suggestions for performance optimization. Our audio engineers use a variety of simulation packages to provide product level performance estimation calculated from theoretical models. Our rapid prototyping capability allows us to quickly determine product performance based on real samples. We are also able to easily evaluate a component’s performance in a customer supplied product.

Design Support

  • Customized acoustic component design
  • Component and System Simulation
  • “Fast to Market” Project Optimization
    • CNC samples – Component
    • SLA, CNC, 3D capabilities
  • Benchmark product investigation and comparison

Stetron’s audio engineering team can develop various enclosure concepts including ported, sealed and passive radiator designs. Software simulations and rapid prototyping utilizing 3D printed or CNC’ed proof of concept models are employed to support “fast to market” timelines.