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Equipped with the right tools and software for every step of the process, Stetron can create a custom, high-performing component from your checklist of acoustic needs and design parameters. We use industry-leading software to technically inform the product’s development through rigorous simulations. By digitally reproducing the audio output instead of relying on iterative builds, we can accelerate your time to market while keeping development costs low. Our rapid prototyping enables us to quickly transition from simulation to proof of concept samples.

The entire design process is transparent and collaborative, enabling our clients–no matter their audio experience–to fully comprehend the final design and its technology.



We take our promise to high audio performance seriously. That’s why all our factories are fully-equipped with an anechoic chamber to accurately measure and test your product before deployment. Using a combination software and hardware tools such as CLIO, SoundCheck, and Klippel, 100% of the acoustic testing is done in-house, facilitating quick changes and solutions to every design. The capacity to capture pure measurements in a controlled and clean environment is imperative to the quality that we offer.

In order to continuously validate our testing and data, we utilize a full correlation exercise every quarter between the factory measurement systems and environment. This allows us to be confident in all our acoustic data at every facility, factory, and lab.

NJ Auto dia assembly


In order to achieve the highest level of consistency with our audio components, Stetron employs a number of fully-automated lines–a rare advantage for today’s loudspeaker factories. With an exceptionally low error rate during assembly, this enables our factories to triple production while reducing scrap rate and lead time.

Almost all of the raw materials used are produced in-house, resulting in a vertically-integrated structure. This eliminates the need to work with third-party suppliers, saving on extraneous cost and time, while allowing for better quality control of all components.



Stetron has over 50 years of experience shipping products around the world. We efficiently integrate a complex flow of operations to quickly fulfill orders and deliver product globally to the destination of your choice.