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Your Source for Audio Solutions

Stetron is an audio solutions provider to companies worldwide. We support innovation with a range of Audio Engineering & Design services along with components that are standard or custom designed to meet your needs.

Our Products and Design Services


Loudspeaker Drivers

  • 10mm-150mm Sizes Available
  • Fire Alarm Speakers, UL1480 and EN54-24 Compliant
  • Custom Design Capabilities / High Power / Low Profile
  • Radio prototyping
  • Optimum loudspeaker enclosure volume recommendation, acoustic tuning

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Dynamic Receivers

  • Fully customizable designs to meet your exact needs
  • Available in wideband / narrow band
  • HAC (Hearing Aid Compliant)
  • Manufactured on fully automated lines ensures a quality product
  • Full test lab with Anechoic Chamber, HATS, CLIO, SoundCheck

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Electret Condenser Microphones

  • Omni & Uni Directional Microphones
  • Noise Cancelling Microphones
  • Waterproof Microphone Designs to 200m
  • High Signal to Noise Ratio and Sensitivity
  • Intrinsically sealed
  • All Electret Condenser Microphones are manufactured in a clean room environment

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Integrated Audio Solutions

  • Audio enclosures
  • 3D printing & CNC capabilities for fast sample turn around
  • Wide range of enclosure design solutions, ported enclosure, seated enclosure, including passive radiator and tweeters
  • Audio - Loudspeaker Software Simulations available

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Audio Engineering Design Services

  • Customized acoustic component design
  • Component and System Simulation
  • "Fast to Market" Project Optimization CNC samples - Component SLA, CNC, 3D capabilities
  • Benchmark product investigation and comparison

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