NEW 50mm low profile loudspeaker for UL217 products

NEW 50mm low profile loudspeaker for UL217 products

In response to the proposed reduction of the SPL requirement for loudspeakers used in UL217 products, Stetron proudly introduces a new innovative design. This newly developed loudspeaker is available in 50mm diameter and is considerably smaller compared to our previous generation.

This design allows the engineer to meet the new SPL requirement and 520 Hz Alarm format while using a reduced footprint.

Preliminary samples are available, contact us today.

Benefits of new UL217 50mm speaker

  1. Designed to comply with UL217 revised SPL requirement of 79dB(rated power/3m)
  2. Complies with UL 520 Hz Low Frequency Alarm Signal Format
  3. Quality Voice Reproduction for Notification and Messages
  4. Low Profile
  5. Water resistant
  6. Small footprint of only 2” (50mm)
  7. High power handling capability of 2W rms

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