• · Size 12 x 5.5mm
  • · Height 3mm
  • · Impedance 8Ω ± 15%
  • · Power 0.3W/0.5W
  • · SPL 88dB
  • 3D image is for representational purposes only. Wires, connectors, terminals and speaker/microphone configurations can be customized for each project. Please contact Stetron for more information.

    This speaker is ideal for waterproof products, mobile devices and products where space is a premium and acoustic performance cannot be compromised.  This speaker is designed to be used in a 2CC sealed enclosure.

    Key features: 

    • Ultra low profile of only 3mm
    • Small footprint of 12mm x 5.5mm
    • IPX8 rated
    • High SPL of 88dB


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