Audio for the Fitness Industry

If there was a time when the focus on heath was paramount, it was during the year 2020. With many municipalities placing restrictions on public gyms due to Covid-19, the way we work out was affected. Enter the home gym. The home gym is not a new idea, but what may be new is the experience, especially the audio/video fitness experience.

Most fitness equipment in public gyms do not have the capability of reproducing decent audio, other than beeps. The audio experience is derived from external sound systems. In setting up a home gym, users want the same public gym experience but in a home setting. This introduces the need for fitness equipment manufacturers to incorporate robust and high-fidelity audio systems into their equipment. Some of the challenges with incorporating audio into fitness equipment are space, loudness, clarity, inter-changeability, and cost.

Space is always a premium in any equipment as it adds cost to the product in more ways than one. For example, more space for audio may increase the size and weight of the equipment, hence the need for larger and sturdier packaging, which comes with the resultant cost increase and eventually, loss in market share. Now this presents the equipment manufacturer with a dilemma: if the space to add audio capabilities to the equipment is limited how could decent loudness and clarify be achieved since both parameters are related to the size of the loudspeaker? Another major consideration for fitness equipment manufactures when considering integrating audio into their equipment is how to retrofit their existing line of products that do not have audio capabilities.

But there is a solution to the foregoing concerns which equipment manufacturers must address. As a premier audio solution provider to global companies, Stetron has developed some unique solutions which addresses all the foregoing issues. One such solution is to have audio as a modular system. By that is meant the subwoofer, midrange and high frequency drivers are each in self contained modules. The modular solution makes placement almost unobtrusive, hence eliminating the need to grow the fitness equipment to accommodate the speaker modules. Further, the low frequency modules can be either ported or have passive radiators to enhance the low frequency experience.

The modular audio elements could also be custom designed to keep the overall design language of the product consistent and in harmony. Another major advantage of the modular design is that retrofitting previous generation of fitness equipment is seamless.   

Another solution Stetron recently developed is a slim line 3-way design incorporating passive radiators, subwoofers, midrange, and high frequency drivers. Being a leader in audio solutions, please contact the team at Stetron for a no cost consultation of your audio needs.